Is It a Promblem or Opportunity?

by fmubarek on June 17, 2011

Hey my name is Faris Mubarek and I’ll be looking today at Problem and opportunity. Many people in the internet marketing face problems, obstacles and frustration due to not achieving goals as planned. Naturally, we all wish for days that we don’t have problems and our lives are complete.  We tend to forget that problems are integral and important part of our daily life.

 If there are no problems we cannot think of any growth. The technology sophistication and advanced digital creations are an answer to various problems we’ve encountered in some form or shape.  Instead of wishing not have problems we should strive to understand them and ask ourselves what is this problem telling me? What do I need to find a solution to it? What opportunity could be following the solution of the challenge?  Problems influence our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. You would agree with me that the financial turmoil in the world has changed the way people manage their money, their life and indeed has created many entrepreneurs in internet marketing and other sectors in the world. We are surrounded by opportunities. Opportunities most of the time manifest themselves in the form of problems. At any point in our lives particular problems happen to us and that is not by accident or by coincidence or by chance.

Problem is defined as a situation where a change must be made to whatever the problem is related to. For example not been successful financially is a problem that requires an action of change to the way we behave and do things on daily basis. It is the action we take to change our habit that brings opportunity to succeed in life.

 Problem and Opportunity go hand in hand and that is why the word probortunity was coined. Probortunity is a combination of problem and Opportunity. A probortunity can take various forms such as challenge, mystery, puzzle concern etc.

In the Internet Marketing challenges, problems and the opportunity that internet marketing gives you go hand in hand.

Last week, I interviewed Phil Tuner to find out from his internet marketing what challenges and enjoyment he has experienced as an internet marketer.

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