Body and Brain association to Your Online Business Success

by admin on February 1, 2013

Your Body is your associate in Your 


Online Business SuccessIt would highly unwise for anybody to think of being of successful business without healthy body. You only have one body and its best insurance policy to look after it and nurture it. Think of a day that you were not well for whatever reason. How did you feel? Did you say you prefer your health than anything? I’m sure you’ve. Do you have a car? If you do, do you fill it with the right fuel? Do you wash, clean? For your body and brain to be properly connected, resourcefully function, regular exercise, proper breathing, body poise and diet is essential. Love it or hate it, you have to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee. Success is continues process and only about money.

How to keep healthy and productive for your online business success

Online Business SuccessTo gain inner power, start your day with good emotion (energy in Motion). Be in state of relaxed awareness and concentration, resourceful mind. To have all these daily exercises or at least 3 times a week is the minimum. What is the benefit of exercising daily? People who exercise 5 times a week achieve more result with whatever they do and they are healthy. This is because they are less stressed, sleep well and they don’t require many hours of sleep, their heart pumps enough blood to the brain and this creates sufficient oxygen circulation and that gives you energy. Research shows that people who exercise 5 time a week achieve more result in their businesses than the people who don’t. It’s recommended to a 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise at least and here is how it works – 5 minutes warm up, 20 intensive workout and 5 minutes cool down. If the training is less than 20 minutes it will not have an impact on your body since a constant message is not going to be sent to your brain and body that you are in a danger of running out of oxygen. When the message is sent to the brain saying this is life threatening! As a result, a “red alert” goes out to all body systems, instructing them to “crank up” in order to deal with the increased demands. That is the reason why doing at least 20 minute intensive exercise is crucial to get the right message sent out by your brain. Dr James Blumathal of Duke University of medical centre in North Carolina calculated 30 minutes of aerobic activity 3 times a week is sufficient to gain a significant increase in BRAIN POWER. From the research we can conclude that the primary beneficiary of aerobic exercise is the brain since with every bit of your heart, blood is pumped into your brain.


Daniel Puder is going to teach you how to burpee. This will help your overall Fitness goals and workouts improve. this will help you prepare for a match and also is a great fitness workout to gain cardio or do in rounds like MMA or boxing. I our Prepare to fit and successful

Benefits of aerobic fitness to your online business success

Online Business SuccessAmazing! When you’re aerobically fit, you give your brain meaningful and deeper rest and enough integrating time, which about 25-34% of everyday. The remaining 66-75% of the day is spent in state of higher sensory and intellectual alertness and awareness.





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