Effective Task and Time Management for your Online Business Success

by admin on February 6, 2013

Do You Have Effective Task/Time Management at your online business and Home?


Online Business SuccessAre you Ever Busy and how much time do you have? How much time Bill Gates has? The Universe has equally provided us with 24 hours every single day. Oh then why most of us ever feel overwhelmed by how much we have to get done and by how tight time we have to do it? What is missing is missing something called task management. There are few ways to help you with your task management. The wise thing is to write everything down that needs to be done in the day, week, month and year. Then go through the list to prioritise the order of importance to accomplish. Start with that task that important and urgent and work your way through the list. It is import to stay focused and not get distracted. You might say oh this hard when you work from home. I know it’s because I work from home and I can tell you it’s doable. You will get all your work done and have time to relax later.

Involving Your family in various task of your online business


Online Business SuccessMake a list of all the tasks you would like get done on the weekend. Divide them up among your family members or let them choose the jobs they prefer to do. Make sure everyone is doing something and have everyone working at the same time. This way everyone will stay motivated and get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. If one person puts off their chores until later then everyone tends to want to take a break and it takes longer to accomplish. A nice reward to this is that everyone works hard together and then can relax together once the work is done.

Take action Do Not Procrastinate


Online Business SuccessThe main thing about any time management success story is not to procrastinate. This just causes stress because then it is crunch time and things are rushed to get done and usually the quality isn’t very good. When planning a task and make sure you give yourself enough time to finish your tasks to the best of your ability. Easy said than done, but if focused on it is doable. Resist from taking break until a certain task gets done since when there is a pressure of deadline things get done. On completion celebrate every little success that you increase your energy. Don’t forget to reward yourself and your member of family for every success.


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