Fun with Children Creates Energy

by admin on January 23, 2013

Online Business and fun with children








Today I was having fun with my children Hawi (amazing daughter) and Oli,(age 4), my youngest boy. We spent total of 4 hours and the amount of energy the children had was unbelievable.


IMG_14501-150x150Oli was jumping from one ride to another without break and played to his full capacity. He was asking to go onto the rides for the children much older than him. His demand to go onto more sophisticated rides for his age earned him McDonald (ethical bribe).



Energy and Online Business

Hawi, IMG_14851-150x15011, was with her friends enjoying every single ride in the park, going on some of the rides more than twice. My older son, Qananis, 13, is in Boston on school Ski trip. If he was here with today he could have added more fun.

Why young children have much more energy than adults? The answer to this question is that kids don’t have much to do but bounce of the wall. Playing is an exercise and helps them to regenerate more energy. They are happy with everything they do/play and no emotion is associated. They sleep well and they hold no financial responsibilities. We adults work and take care of financial issues.

Energy is everything. Without energy, there would be nothing. In business and our daily lives we have to be able to celebrate every small success to generate positive energy. The reason why many people achieve less in their lives is that they concentrate on WHAT IS GONE WRONG.

Celebrating Online Business Success

There many successes in live than we recognise and celebrate. If we celebrate every minute success that will as a matter of law of attraction attracts more successes. We’ve to also make sure exercise and eat the nutrition. We also need to feed our brain by reading daily and engage it all the time.

To your Success,

Faris M


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