Grow From Your Success

by admin on August 22, 2012

Grow From Your Success

Some people think your success is only becoming a millionaire or a celebrity. Success starts from replacing bad habits with good supportive habits of the way you do things. Success is based on small changes that become highly productive. Growth comes from focusing relentlessly on the positive part of our lives and learning from the thing that go wrong.  I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on your past, to try to understand what went wrong and to  learn whatever lesson is there for you. You have to realize how limited the usefulness of that approach is.

Focus for  Your Success

In order to be successful you have to be focusing on how great your present is, and on the wonderful possibilities that the future contains. As a result, you’ll always have a smile on your face and you feel like you’ve dropped about 100 pounds of stress.

The other equally important benefit is that great things are happening in your business.  What do I mean by that? Even if you don’t have a functioning business – You’ve dreamed a business and by focussing on your big dream it will become a reality.  My advice for is connecting with like minded people and new and better opportunities will be landing in your lap.  Yours success attracts more success.

Your Success is no coincidence it is journey that live clue.

Your SuccessHere’s an exercise to help you get a new perspective on wherever you are.

You might be treading water; this also will help you switch your focus and energy. Follow these steps, and you’ll find yourself taking action more easily AND you’ll have a smile on your face. It will feel easy and graceful.

If you’re in the midst of change- you’re working harder than ever, or you’re trying a new strategy, you may feel great about your goal (where you’re going) AND be uncomfortable where you are (in the middle of your journey to arrive at that goal). Follow these steps and you’ll gain comfort. Your soul will feel lighter and happier


 Your Success Requires determination

1. List of your success and strengths, your achievement, and your brilliance; have you got driving license, do you ride a bike? What’s unique about you? I’m sure you can list at least 25 items on that list. Having problems getting to 30?   Let me give you  my few examples from my  list, three of my strengths are: I’m supportive, I have a strong sense of style, I can drive, I can write, I can run, swim, read books, I can cook, I’m numerate  and I have a lot of entrepreneurial expertise.

2. List you core value (family, health, money, career, personal development)  What are your top 10 core values? Take a minute to reflect on this and start writing.

3.  Energy – Choose the most energizing strength and the most energizing value. Scan the list of strengths and pick the one that most appeals to you, that gives you a little zing when you read it. Circle that. Now do the same with the list of core values: scan the list of values and circle the one that has the most energy for you right now.

4.  Strategy – Combine your strength with your value. How can you combine these two together? This should immediately feel energizing and fun!  Healthy eating and exercise fundamental for  your success

As an example using one of my strengths with one of my values, I can ask myself: How can I mix being supportive with my creativity? Just asking myself that question stimulates, well, my creativity about being creative!

5.  Human interaction (communication) the better your communication is, the more successful you become. Covey your ideas well. Have some good to say, say it well and say it often.

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