Do You Appreciate Your Health?

by admin on February 5, 2013

Appreciate Your Health to increase your success


 Health to increase your successYesterday, I was at my local swimming pool with my family. Every Saturday we have a family swimming session and gives me immense pleasure to swim with my 3 children, Qananisa (13), Hawi (11), Oli(4) and my wife Tsehay.



Exercise daily to keep your health increase your success


Health to increase your successAt the swimming I notice something made feel sad and reminded me to appreciate my health and my family’s health more than ever. I saw a child about 15 years old, very handsome his mum. This child has got some sort of disability and the mother looked highly disturbed and helpless. The boy was physically big and a bit difficult for his mum to control him make him enjoy the swimming that they there for. The point of this blog is to remind my readers that we most of the time forget to appreciate what we have, especially our health, and we focus on what is gone wrong or what is missing from our lives. If we appreciate and celebrate every success we have the universe will give us more and increase our happiness.

What is the best present to our children for future success?


 Health to increase your successIt has been proven the we do not contract or develop diseases based on luck or coincidence. Our lifestyle choices are what contribute most to our health, and if we all had to pay for our own healthcare, Whole Foods would be the only grocery store open! The best present we give to our children is feeding them the right food and give them the best education we can.

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