How To Find Lucrative Business Ideas

by admin on August 15, 2012

Ways to Find Lucrative Business Ideas

Lucrative business ideas

Lucrative business ideas brain storming

Are you looking for profitable lucrative business ideas, home based online business?  Problems help you create solution, if there was no problem there growth and developing skills and knowledge of finding solutions to various problems.

Working in day job is not set you financially free. However, it should not be dismissed as it’s a source of cash flow that pays the bills and keep you ticking. It’s however, disaster if you you’re content with day job and you don’t have part time business, which will eventually replace your employment income and eventually will set you financially free.

“Online Business Rules” that you will need to be aware of – Lucrative Business Ideas

  • It’s crucially important that you Stay away from pre-packaged internet business ideas that will promise you instant wealth – once it is too good to be true, it usually is.
  • You MUST know the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), html, conventional marketing & sales, website marketing and social media marketing.
  • You have to be totally honest in your online business endeavour.
  • Be open to model successful people; don’t try to reinvent the wheel

In this economic situation there are lots of opportunities If you are planning to have  your own home based business online.

Using the vast opportunity you can market your products online from small receipt, shoes, services or any random things including teaching to people anything that you’re skilled in.  You can also sell used items, because after all, junk of one man is a treasure for another.

When looking lucrative business ideas you need to differentiate the difference between the art of selling products online to make quick money and creating sustainable business is entirely another thing.

What is your end outcome in Mind to search for  Lucrative Business Ideas?


You have ask yourself  a question  what exactly are you looking for in terms of end result? There are several ideas that can help you in starting your own online business, BUT you have to have a BIG WHY?

Lucrative Business IdeasSuccess is an endless journey- Have you prepared to face it? Be prepared to go through, under and over the various obstacles that you will inevitably encounter during your journey. In order to foster lucrative business ideas watch out for daily problems and try to solve them.

Most long-term businesses are successful because they are providing solution for someone, they are continuous learners, good communicators, have passion for the things they do. You can think of the problems related to daily life and how solve them; most importantly you pass the knowledge onto others who might be having similar issues.

Test your business idea get advice and coaching from people who have done it.   The Internet has presented us with huge opportunities .The Amazon and eBay shops, several online applications which provide services as well as information blogs that run advertising and affiliate income. Of course, there are lots of ideas that you can think of because in the internet, everything is possible. A good example of this is the Million Dollar Homepage where 1 million of pixels from the homepage were auctioned by the founder. The price started from one dollar every pixel but it became an internet sensation and sold for a price more than one dollar with the highest price of $38,100. This demonstrates that the internet is a game-changer for any businesses.

Have  a website presence  and build your brand, give free information and get people to know you. Planning online business ideas is more expensive compared to the actually execution. Wrap up your business ideas and start making your website. The internet is becoming more amazing because most feedback are immediate compared to the actual world wherein the market feedback will arrive after several months or more. The internet provides immediate feedback through user comments, analytics and sales.



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Fiona Scott August 16, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Great post Faris – particularly the bit about steering clear of shiney objects that promise instant riches, but deliver nothing – other than making the product creator richer and making their dreams and not yours. We cover that exact same topic in our book Living a Laptop Lifestyle – which is now out in kindle on Amason.


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