Lessons To Learnt From The Olympic Gold Medal Winners

by admin on August 14, 2012

What Do Learn We From Th London Olympics Gold Medal Winners?


Gold MedalWhat happened in the London 2012 Olympics has witnessed what passion, dedication and determination meant in achieving top results.

One of the many things gold medal I observed during Big BenLee Olympics games is that t here were young Muslims who started Ramadan in the middle of their competitions.  The young athletes were determined to carryout fasting as well as competing .to win gold medal

Mo Farah and Bolt The Double Gold Medal Winners

Gold MedalAs everything in life the beautiful London 2012 Olympic Games have come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics with three children and my wife and now miss the BBC cover that brought all the details and highlights of the game.

The question is what did we learn from the highly competitive games and the winning of all these gold medals?

The athletes had passion for their sport, believed in themselves, communicated well with their team mates and coaches, they created very serious bond between one another and had high natural trained energy.  The other things that these athletes had are self  iscipline and self mastery.

Success in any business, personally, financially, professionally and family wise requires all of the above

Support and strategy for winning gold medal

Gold MedalThe undivided support and strategy that the team GB had reflected on becoming in third place by winning all those gold medals. Not only team GB, but most of the other winners complimented on how supportive the London crowd was.  The more energy they received from the crowd, the more energy they got to push forward. How are you supporting your goal for success?

Join the right Team for success

The Right strategy and coach for success in your gold medal (success)

All the gold medal winners had the right strategy and the right coach. Most importantly they believed in themselves and they will win. So should you- have the strategy and coach in order to achieve your desired goal.


To Your Success



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