The Most Iconic Entrepreneurs at the London NAC2011

by fmubarek on July 12, 2011

Last week I had a fantastic three days at the London National achievers Congress hosted by success resources.  On these three days I had the chance to listen to the most powerful iconic speakers of our time – Tony Robbins, T Harv EkerLord Sugar and Richard Branson.


It was my first time to see live these three top entrepreneurs speaking on stage.  Richard Branson was exceptional and was no surprise the  reception from the 8,000 attendees was amazing and from the moment he walked on the stage with his “virgin” hostesses he captivated the screaming audience with his down to earth and relaxed personality



Branson clearly pointed that there are massive opportunities “out there” and fortunes are being made in the recession.  His vision for the future and that it is possible for every single person to become an entrepreneur and the universe is in abundance to create something for everyone of any age.



As an African I admired his charity in various part of Africa and indeed his love of peace. In his relaxed key questions from the top BBC journalist, he pointed out that we’ve come out of zone and take action that make a difference to human being, that resolves problems and help others achieve their dreams and full potential– JUST DO IT!

 Sir Branson pointed out that the UK is behind the USA and he urged everyone to make use of the opportunity presented by the Internet and start internet business to put the UK significantly on the MAP!

Anthony Robins

Tony Robins dominated the first day of the NAC2011. What an energy and enthusiasm. It was a cracking start of the three day.  The four hours + was felt as few by everyone, the audience was full

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